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Friday, April 8, 2011


oh hi there!!!

BIG NEWS!!! wahahahaha... JEAN IS ON THE NEWSPAPER~~!! *actually it is just small case*

ahem ahem... looks like she is so damn freaking busy on the phone *who knows who is she talking to* ==

aha!! since that she is on the newspaper , so i share it here..

well wait for next post!!

and one more thing, most of the post here will be me updating it!! so wait for more news from me!!

miss me not...muacks
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所谓:‘‘healthy is wealthy’’


Wednesday, April 6, 2011



HAHA! a very good morning to you all!

all of us are busy.

recently we are thinking about our schooling days!

so for those who are still schooling, please work harder and enjoy your school days,

that's all i can say!

cause we are senior~! wahahaha. *jkjk*

anyway. have a good day and enjoy!!

from --->

Hi !

Anyeong which means Hi! (korean word). Everybody knows! buahaha.

the good news!

is----> wonder students changed to wonder teens.

Isn't nice?! Idea from Rom!~

the date is on 6/4/2011.

So, enjoy your life, friends! be a good girl and boys.
Blah blah blah, don't know what to write! forced by handsome admin!

that's all! See you guys soon!

Pretty Admin - - - > Amy. LoL xP

Hi !

Well, hello there!

It had been a long time that this blog had died! haha

so, i m here to clean up! swoosh swoosh***

All done!! clean.

well, i would like to inform u all that my blog address had changed and my blogging skill had improve abit! wahahaha.

kk. so here's my link.

come and visit!!

miss me not...muacks.

Handsome Admin---> Rom

Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome: by admin Rom

Yo everyone! this is our blog from now on! I guess u know what does Wonder Students means rite?! Wonder Students is a group form after our form 4 oral English test! Wonder students had change one member earlier on. our ex-member Janet had leave due to some "problems" and we had invite a new member. she is Amy! Here is our picture when we are with our ex-member Janet. The girl that is next to the boy in front is our ex-member JANET! For our new member, here is her picture. To know us more, our wonder students picture is here. haha thanks! From: handsome admin---> Rom

Wonder Student

Wonder Student